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Drug Infusion - IV Medications app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 4432 ratings )
Health & Fitness Medical
Developer: iAnesthesia LLC
2.99 USD
Current version: 5.4, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 10 Apr 2009
App size: 30.78 Mb

This app is for educational purposes of learning simple conversions between Dose, Concentration and IV Rate.

Download the Best Drug Infusion Calculator for the iPhone, iPod and iPad!

From the developers of "Instant ECG" the electrocardiogram interpretation guide, "Drug Infusion" is an intravenous medication drip rate calculator.

Drug Infusion was designed specifically for the ICU nurse or anesthesia provider as a quick reference to ensure accurate calculations for dose, concentration or IV rate.

Drug Infusion offers both weight based and non-weight based calculations with unit conversion flexibility.

Designed by anesthesiologists, this IV Med Drip Rate Calculator is quick and easy to use to double check your math.

Pros and cons of Drug Infusion - IV Medications app for iPhone and iPad

Drug Infusion - IV Medications app good for

Drug Infusion is straightforward and easy to use. It will be my go to app for all my in OR and ICU drug infusion calculations!
I just downloaded this gem, and just in time! A friend of mine volunteers with Medical Teams International, and to make a long story short. His small team to Haiti ran into a HUGE demand for services, in particular some OR procedures where drip-rates for many different body sizes and types were needed. It was stressful! I cant wait to show him my new GEM... not only a time saver but a life saver! I cant count how many times I have caught errors from my hand calculations... the accuracy and speed is its best feature. Good looking, data entry is intuitive, and very easy to use. Thanks iAnesthesia! You guys are producing some great products!
Quick and to the point, Drug Infusion is the fastest way to accurately double check math before giving a medication to a patient.
Out of all the calculators for the iPhone, this is the best app for checking medication related math. Clean interface makes it extremely easy to use.
Great app for drip calcs. I use it often to double check other staff and to do my own meds. It rocks for ED, ICU or on the transport team.
A young co-worker recommended this app for me...working nights, fatigued & over-worked...I dont always have the time to find the info needed quickly at hand....Now I do! Easy to read at night in dim lighting...I highly recommend this app for the busy critical care nurse.

Some bad moments

Why this app doesnt have a decimal point on the calculator pad is bizarre. Seems to me the previous version had one.
App will crash with drug selection! Still has not been fixed by the developer and this has been an ongoing problem in reviews for months!
Should have followed advice of other reviewers. App crashes when trying to open drug portion of app!
They claim they are working on it. Come on - how many years does it take to add the decimal ???
I just purchased this product and it crashes every time I try to open drug section!!! For a paid app this is unacceptable.
Have a iPhone 6p and it crashes on the drug calculations mode. Whats up with your software!!

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